Frequently Asked Questions

“Are Overhaul Orders Actually Being Shipped Out?" 

Yes. We are shipping out overhaul orders. If anyone claims to have not received their items, or if they have specific questions regarding their order, please let them know that they can reach us anytime at


“Will My Account Get Charged For Anything Other Than The Shipping Cost?”


No. The only charge you will see is the shipping charge presented at checkout, and there will be no change to that presented price. With overhaul orders, we are only requiring customers to pay for the shipping cost it takes to have their items sent out. Just keep in mind, the more your package weighs, the more it will cost to ship that package, hence increase the cost of shipping for that order, as we cannot control the rates we receive from USPS and other carriers. Please keep in mind that if your payment is not in USD, your currency will be converted and you will see the appropriate amount charged in your currency on your bank statement. 


“How Can I Go About Obtaining A Refund?”


If you would like a refund, please let us know within 24 hours of placing your order, as all orders are processed and prepared for shipment the next day. If 24 hours has past since the placing of your order, we cannot issue a refund to you as your items have already been sent out. If that is the case, simply wait to receive your package, and contact us at to return your items. A representative will walk you through the steps you can take to go about returning your items and obtaining your refund.


“How Long Will It Take To Receive My Item(s)?”


All orders are processed and prepared for shipment within 24 hours. You can expect to receive a tracking number for your order within 72 hours of placing your order. All domestic orders can expect 7-14 business days delivery, after their item(s) have been shipped out. All international orders can expect 9-15 business day delivery, after their item(s) have been shipped out.